North Leigh C of E Primary School
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North Leigh C of E Primary School
Parent Information: Behaviour for Learning

North Leigh Rules!
We believe that all children have the right to work and play in a safe, nurturing and purposeful environment and that in order to achieve this all members of the school community need to be clear on the behaviours which are acceptable and expected. To this end, our School Parliament recently launched our new North Leigh School rules, discussed and agreed by the whole school community.
North Leigh C of E Primary School

These rules form the basis of all our discussions with children regarding their behaviour choices, when children will be asked to consider which of the rules they have violated and how they could have made a different choice and what they now need to do in order the help remedy the situation.

Our Behaviour Policy, Anti-bullying Policy and our Anti-bullying Parent Leaflet are all available to download.

School Parliament got together to work on a new set of school rules that are easy to remember both in the classroom and at play. They decided that rules that begin with "Be ..." are better than "Don't ..." and "Always ..." Once they'd decided this, they looked through a large number of possible "Be..." rules before coming to a unanimous decision that they wanted 3 rules only and they needed to be in this order: "Be Safe", "Be Ready" and "Be Respectful".
North Leigh C of E Primary School

Anti-Bullying at North Leigh

We strive to ensure that North Leigh is a Bully-Free Zone. However we are very aware that from time to time bullying does occur in schools and, with the proliferation of new technologies, increasingly outside of school via social media. In order to combat this we work to engage staff, parents and children in being vigilant about bullying and to tackle it proactively if it occurs. In support of this we have a robust Anti-Bullying Policy and guidance in support of parents.

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