North Leigh C of E Primary School
North Leigh C of E Primary School
North Leigh C of E Primary School
Parent Teacher Association Photo Competition
Celebrate Autumn!

SD: I liked the autumn colours on the leaves Rowan/Willow Winner

ED: I took this photo down the Lane to my house.

CF: School gate autumn

CM: I love the red leaves on this tree.

FH: I liked the leaves on this tree changing red

SF: An autumn leaf on the grass

EH: Pumpkins at Cotswold Wildlife Park

DH: I took this picture because it showed the changing colours of the leaves

CH: I took this picture because it showed different coloured leaves.

DK: I took this photo of a Chaffinch in the hedge. I really like taking photos of different birds on my walks.

AW: I chose this tree because it looked beautiful with one side green and one side orange."

RW: Pink and orange flowers in the woods. Holly/Maple Winner

WM: Mushrooms in the Wychwood forest, I was looking for toadstool but came across these instead

MM: Beautiful colors of autumn in Ramsden

AP: I like the leaf floating in the puddle and the red colour of the leaves.

WP: Leaves stuck to the floor by the rain.

GP: This tree was huge and there were leaves falling all around. Oak/Ash Winner

A: It took me a long time to make. I came up with the idea when my dad was scarifying the grass to get the dead grass and the moss. I used this to write Rowan Class.

T: I chose this photo because I like tomatoes and these ones look like pumpkins!

OP: A photo of a leaf portrait made using leaves from the garden.

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