North Leigh C of E Primary School
North Leigh C of E Primary School
North Leigh C of E Primary School
Parent Information: British Values Education
North Leigh C of E Primary School
"Rule of Law"
North Leigh C of E Primary School
"Mutual Respect"
North Leigh C of E Primary
North Leigh C of E Primary
North Leigh C of E Primary
"Individual Liberty"
North Leigh C of E Primary School
Promoting British Values at North Leigh CE Primary School
The DfE have recently reinforced the need "to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs". The government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy and we work continually at North Leigh to ensure our community is both aware of these values and that they are reflected within our school community.

During a recent assembly we considered how different our school might be if we didn't pay regard to fundamental British Values:

At North Leigh we work to promote and reflect British Values in our everyday practice:

  • Collective Worship Themes
  • School Parliament
  • Class Elections
  • FGB (Parents and Staff elected)
  • Class debates
  • Staff meetings (all staff have equal rights)
  • Open door policy (parents/carers)
  • Policies - Inclusion, Access, Equality to all
  • Sport (mixed teams)
The Rule of Law:
  • North Leigh Rules! (Formulated and agreed by the school community)
  • Home/School Agreement
  • Collective Worship Themes
  • Policies (Behaviour, Anti-Bullying)
  • Reward systems – House Points, Well Done Certificates etc.
  • Modelling of good behaviour
  • Involvement with Community Support Officer
  • Visits to Junior Citizen
  • PSHCE Lessons
Individual Liberty:
  • Collective Worship Themes
  • Pupil Voice (children encouraged to have and express own opinions)
  • Recognising pupils’ individual strengths
  • Community links - developing understanding of local, national and global issues
  • Independent thought / learning - opportunity to make choices in learning, homework, uptake of clubs etc.
  • Application to Prefect Groups (Supporting Pastoral Care, Care of the Environment, Digital Leaders, Playground Leaders, School Reps)
  • PSHCE Lessons
  • International Learning
  • Non School Uniform Days
Mutual Respect:
  • Modelled by adults
  • Collective Worship Themes
  • PSHCE Lessons
  • North Leigh Rules
  • Home/School Agreement
  • House system, Well Done Certificates, Invitations to Tea-Party - recognition of achievement
  • Respecting/celebrating ALL achievements in and out of school - Well Done Assembly
  • School Performances
  • AFL (Peer Feedback)
  • Paired Reading
  • Show and Tell/Sharing
  • Respect to all visitors
  • Charity work
Tolerance (of those with different faiths and beliefs):
  • Collective Worship Themes
  • PSHCE / RE Lessons
  • Celebration/ World Festivals
  • House System - mixed ability/age groupings
  • Visits to places of worship (Christian and others)
  • Circle time
  • Welcoming visits different members of the community
  • Tolerance of difference (behaviour/ability) modelling by staff

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